The Idiot’s Guide to Shooting Your Job Shot

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Almost everyone has a company they dream of working for and for a number of reasons too. It could be for a better salary, terrific benefits, and perks, a fun or challenging company culture, proximity to your home, or even something as basic as hours that match your schedule. 

No matter what your expectations are, there’s a job tailored to meet your desires. The problem? Finding and getting it! 

Luckily, for you, we’ve highlighted four ways to help you shoot your job shot at your dream company. These are tested principles that are sure to get you through the door, check them out below and adhere strictly: 

  • Network 

Building a high quality network of people is a gift that keeps giving. To achieve this, attend seminars or workshops within and outside your primary career circles and connect with people. Tell them about yourself and career prospects, don’t worry about if they are connected to your dream company or not. Because sometimes, you can get a better deal than you expected outside your chosen company. 

Connect with these people on social media and interact with their posts especially career-related posts. Ask questions and sell yourself at every chance you get. It will help you make an impression and these people can let you know about vacancies or even put in a good word for you to make sure a vacancy is created for you. 

Likewise, make sure your social media posts are free from offensive or controversial posts as this could be a hindrance to developing healthy career relationships and could even get you blocked. 

  • Connect through social media 

If you have a list of companies you want to work with, make sure you are following them on all their social media platforms. Like, comment, retweet and share relevant posts and be sure they know you are one of their biggest fans. 

This helps get your foot through the door, so, when you send a direct message or apply for a role, they will recognise you as one of their major cheerleaders and would be looking to employ you if not for anything but your dedication to the brand. Likewise, this gives you the opportunity to know a lot about the organisation long before you attend an interview. This would definitely give you an edge over other candidates.

  • Do not be afraid to reach out first

A lot of companies do not advertise vacancies and employ via recommendations from staff or reputable individuals. However, you can change the game by contacting them via email, stating your skills and how they would be of importance to the company. Let the given company know that you are interested in working with them. According to Dev Aujla, the CEO of the recruiting firm, Catalog and author of 50 Ways to Get a Job, your email should look like this, 

Dear [Sir/Ma],

My name is [FULL NAME] and I am currently studying/studied [COURSE OF STUDY] at [SCHOOL]. I have been following your company on Social Media and I am very keen on working for a company like yours.

 I’m interested in the company culture/ level of excellence and finding out more about [DEPARTMENT OR JOB YOU ARE INTERESTED IN].

I have [NUMBER] years of experience working with [RELATED SKILL], [RELATED SKILL] and [RELATED SKILL]. I am hoping to learn about [WHAT TO LEARN] from some of the best in the industry, and in my research, I came across [COMPANY OF INTEREST]. Our goals and interests are so aligned, I think we’d both accomplish more if I took my research and resources to your company.

It would be immensely appreciated to hear back from you if there is an open position that can suit my current skills, capabilities, and experience. Find attached my CV and here is my LinkedIn profile [INSERT PROFILE LINK].

I’m available for any further information needed from me.

Thank you in advance.



This template can be altered depending on the company or role you are interested in.

  • Keep in touch 

Even if you don’t get a reply, try to occasionally keep in touch. Do not hound the company with messages and emails, this can get them angry. If it’s been over a week without hearing back, it’s okay to follow up by phone or email to reiterate your interest and ask for an update. 

You can also send a monthly check-in email to remind them about your interest, and also to tell them about any other activities/trainings/initiatives you might be undertaking to help build skills in your field, either through volunteering or additional training. Always include your contact information and be positive.

By following our four-step guide, you are well on your way to securing your dream job at the company of your dreams. Good luck!