5 Tips for Balancing Your Job and Side Hustle

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It is no secret that starting a business requires a lot of time. Likewise, it also requires a huge financial commitment, hence, several entrepreneurs start their businesses while holding down a day job. 

To be honest, it is not easy and can get very overwhelming as you can not afford to let any of these ‘jobs’ suffer at the expense of the other. But have no fear, you have made a smart decision and we have outlined five tips that would ensure you strike an enviable balance between your job and side hustle.

  • Have a schedule 

And follow it strictly! The importance of planning can not be overemphasized. Having a well thought out schedule helps to properly outline your daily tasks and strictly adhering to it ensures that you are not overwhelmed by either your job or business. It is worthy to note that in the game of managing your job and side hustle, a routine is salient for effective balance. Ensure that every moment is used effectively. 

  • Make sacrifices 

The fact that you have chosen to balance a job and business is a huge sacrifice in itself, but be sure that you must make more sacrifices. This means that you would have to cut back on a lot of less important activities to make sure you are being effective at your job and with your business. You are also going to be physically and mentally exhausted, but always remember why you started and be deliberate about your dreams for your business.

  • Learn to say NO

If you are a “Yes” person at your job, you need to start treading the path of No’s as you journey through starting and building your business. This would not only give you time to focus on your own tasks, but it also helps build your leadership skills which you would definitely need as your business grows. 

  • Set a financial goal for when you will quit your job 

This will help you ease into running your business full time. This will fuel your desire to dedicate more time to your business. This can either be an amount saved from your day job or an amount earned from your new business—or both.And even though it seems tough or impossible, you must believe that it is achievable, especially if you’re strictly adhering to your schedule which would involve fewer social activities and more work time.

  • You are your first priority 

In the end, no one can find the perfect balance between their side hustle and a full-time job. You’ll need to constantly be ready to adjust to new routines as there would be a lot of unexpected situations. There will be moments of perfect synergy and moments of exhaustion, but each one will help you balance these parts of your life. Above all, maintain your own health and sanity. Remember that without you, there is no balance between your side hustle and your full-time job. You are the most important factor, therefore, you are your biggest priority.