6 Effective Ways to Manage a Heavy Workload

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Working efficiently is important for any business, but getting iced under is a too-familiar situation. A well-structured work schedule is key for good time management and can help increase your productivity.

More so, it is more often the case in many organisations that the workload seems insurmountable and everything feels important and urgent. Reality check: a lot of the work we do every day doesn’t really need to be done. At least not right away. In this post, we share some tips for effective management of your workload.

Create a to-do list.

The to-do list is mostly underrated by people, but it is one of the effective ways of prioritizing your workload. In a to-do list, you simply state out the tasks/things you need to get done, and it is often advisable that this should be done in order of priority. This will help in managing your work load. A readily accessible physical or digital diary is very useful in listing out your to-do’s daily, weekly and monthly.

Review your workload regularly

When you are too keen on a particular task, there is a possibility for you to forget or to leave other tasks unattended. That is why regularly revisiting your workload will keep you abreast fn the tasks yet to be accomplished, and the ones you probably forgot about. In this digital age, there are several apps you can use to manage your tasks and keep track of your progress, including Todoist and Any.do.

Concentrate on the most crucial

The most crucial task is most times the most challenging. So, your ability to concentrate and accomplish that will give the positive vibe needed in carrying out the remaining tasks. Moreover, the most crucial task is the most important; meaning it takes the lordship over the remaining tasks on the to-do list, and it must be tackled first to ease the burden on you. It is usually the most important and urgent task that you have at the top of your list.

Set realistic deadlines

In goal setting, where your goals need to be achievable, the same applies for your to-do list. Setting realistic deadlines for various tasks can provide much needed psychological support and drive that comes with being able to finish tasks in a timely manner. This way, you are encouraged as you finish one task and move to the next with less apprehension and stress. Having set realistic deadlines, you should go all out towards timely execution, knowing that you don’t have the whole day/week/month/year in accomplishing the task.

Focus on one thing at a time

It is often said that multi-tasking is the best way to finishing up several deliverables. But what most people fail to know is that, multi-tasking can be overwhelming, where you try to do everything at once, but you end up achieving none, because your concentration wasn’t fixed.

Turn off unnecessary distractions

Distractions come in different ways when you have work to be accomplished. Your inbox can clearly be a distraction. You don’t necessarily need to attend to every email that drops into your mailbox every time. It is always advisable to schedule a certain time that will be dedicated to reading emails. Apart from inbox messages, there are other distractions that may come in to play such as social media and SMS’s. Identify potential distractions and plan to avoid them by all means..