TED TALK| Sean Stephenson: The Prison of your Mind

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“…I don’t have a clue what any of you are going through in your lives. I did not grow up in your neighborhoods more than likely. I did not have your set of parents, nor do I live in your body. I’ve not had the events that you’ve had happened to you. I can tell you I am only an expert on one thing, and that’s how to be, and I do it well”- Sean Stephenson

“…I’ve been looked at and treated my whole life as if I am not able. I have had to rise above and show people that the only disability is one’s refusal to adapt.” – Sean Stephenson

When Sean Stephenson was born in 1979, he was expected to die within the first 24 hours of his life. 35 years later, he has miraculously persevered through his condition and has become a Clinical Therapist.

In this talk, he chronicles his own story.

He challenges the listener to refuse disempowering predictions and emphasizes that you are not your condition; that the real prison is in your mind.

You can find Sean’s TED Talk below: