Four Tips for Planning a Successful Work Week

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At the close of work on a Friday, you feel so relieved and anxious about the weekend. This is natural when you have had a busy week day. Irrespective of what you have faced or encountered during the week, it is important for you to duly prepare for the coming week, and this is often best done during the weekend. Failure to prepare for a new week can amount to a draggy Monday.

In no particular order, here are four quick tips to help you get ready for the start of a new week. Try these for a chance to kick start your Monday full of life and energy.

1. Take time to relax

The weekend is not the time for you to engage in strenuous activities, because if you do so, you’ll most likely have a slow start to your week day. After a long work week, you need to take adequate time to relax, not just because it is good for your wellbeing, but also a way to refresh your brain so new ideas can flow through. Sleeping is also a great way to relax having faced the troubles of waking up as early as 5am and returning home at 8pm or later. Therefore, resting during the weekend, including lots of sleep, provides you that much needed relaxation to refuel you for the new week.

2. Revisit the week’s activities

A good way to plan yourself for the new week is to revisit the activities that happened in the previous week. Doing this does not drag you backwards, but it gives you an opportunity to review actions and draw insights needed for moving forward. When you sit down to revisit your past week activities, you use that moment to point out the loopholes and adjust your approach for the new week. Your loopholes could include unachieved goals, and terminated appointments. Addressing these issues during the weekend gives you an edge when you start up your new week.

3. Breakdown the new week’s activities

You do not want to start a new week without having a plan on deck. Failure to break down your planned activities for the week will only leave you prone to making hasty and wrong decisions which may lead to unachieved goals. Making a breakdown of your week activities means that you highlight the various events/engagements you plan to happen during the week, and in doing so, you figure out how these can contribute to your main objectives for the week. Also note that when you plan/strategise for the new week, make sure you don’t abandon the unmarked activities for the previous week; where relevant, make them part of your new plans for the coming week.

4. Sort out your outfits

How well you dress can impact on your confidence and eventual success in a given work week. During the week, you have less time to figure out what outfits should go for the following day. That’s why it is always encouraged that you plan out your outfit for the week during the preceding weekend; this way you don’t slow down your pace during the week. Another advantage of doing this during weekends is that it gives you enough notice about the nature of your outfit, as you will not want to be surprised on the night to a big day in the office that your favourite outfit has a torn trouser, or a worn zip.

When these things are put in place, you will notice that your week is moving so fast than you expect. This is because you have taken time to relax, review the past week, plan strategically for the new week, and planned your outfit for the new week.