Top 7 Qualities of a Good CEO

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The importance and relevance of the CEO’s role in the growth of a company can not be ignored. The CEO’s actions and decisions, often rooted in personal habits and traits can often make or mar the organisation.

For effective leadership, there are certain key traits that must be found in a CEO. Here are seven of such attributes:

  • Problem solver. Every great CEO must have a knack for problem solving. S/he should possess the ability to think differently and not ashamed to ask questions like: how can we solve this? What went wrong in this? Is this a fact or an assumption? He/she also pushes further to seek help from advisers and mentors, where needed. As a CEO, in whatever you do, be open to receive advice, face situations heads on, choose what is best for whoever is wrapped up in the problem (either your business or an employee), and provide a solution.
  • Listener. This is probably the most valuable and profitable quality every CEO needs to have in order to succeed. A good listener is strategic and is able to read in-between the lines. Furthermore, every good CEO understands that the first rule in possessing a good communication skill is being a good listener. Seek to understand before seeking to be heard, so you are never be too busy to listen. Listen to verbal and non-verbal cues because people say much more with actions and in-actions, body language and facial expressions.
  • Big Thinker. Thinking big is one trait that separates successful CEOs from unsuccessful ones. A great CEO cultivates the habit of thinking big because it propels him/her towards achieving a certain goal. It gives a perspective that nothing is impossible. This attitude does not happen in one day; it is cultivated and learnt.
  • Optimist. Optimism is what fuels the big picture of the CEO. This is an attitude you must have. You ought to always remember that employees respond to your attitude, whether negative or positive, so it is best to feed the mind of your employees with optimisim.
  • Risk taker. This is about stepping out of your comfort zone. It is also embracing challenges and taking calculated risk. It is not also ideal for a CEO to take just any risk; the risk should be calculated, not reckless. Stand for, and with, what you believe in, even when everyone else says otherwise. Sometimes, you might have to take the risk of giving an employee a second chance. Taking risks is a critical part business.
  • Good communicator. Communication is a skill, and it can be learnt. Any entrepreneur on his/her way to becoming a good CEO must learn this. To be effective as a CEO, excellent communication is required. Good CEO’s pay attention to body language (non-verbal communication), they listen to clear verbal communication -not only to respond – but to understand what the communicator is saying.
  • Inspiring. Successful CEO’s often feel fulfilled when carrying out their jobs. They feel a sense of purpose and also attach a great sense of importance to their job. They are able to understand the major role their business plays in the global market place and do not forget to focus time and energy in communicating this understanding to their employees. By communicating purpose and meaning of what your organisation is about in the context of the world and your industry, you inspire them and deposit in them a sense of meaning in the business world.