Dressing Tips for Ladies in the Workplace

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Finding the perfect dress style for work can sometimes be tiring and boring, especially when there is a strict dress code in your particular industry/workplace.

A good dress sense speaks professionalism. It will get you far and can have a major impact on your success. The popular model, Nicole Williams, once said, “the problem with appearance is that it translates to performance.”

Today, we share quick tips to ease the burden off your shoulder in picking out the perfect dress styles for work. You might just be on your way to winning the “Best Dressed” award!

Know what your company allows. It is best to know the status quo, or the appropriate dress code for your company/work place. For example, one company may allow casuals to work while it may be contraband in another. In summary: know what your company allows.

Do not appear seductive. Apart from the fact that appearing sexy in the work place can be distracting, it can give a negative impression. Avoid overly short dresses or skirts, and do not expose what needs to be covered as you do not want to look provoking.

Avoid dangling and noisy accessories. You really do not want your bangles colliding to create some noise during a (board) meeting, etc. This can be very distracting. You should not disrupt the serenity of the environment with overly dangling and noisy accessories. This is often not appropriate and does not speak “professionalism”

Let your accessories be complementary. Accessories boost and complement your dressing, not the other way round. Your accessories should not be too loud and plenty to the point that they are more visible than the clothes you are putting on. Stay simple and classy.

Be comfortable. In as much as you want to look elegant, neat, classy and gorgeous, you should be comfortable. Wear nicely fitted clothes; not too tight and not over size. Be comfortable enough to be your very best at work.

Which other tips can help you in looking your best and also professional for your work place.