Sell Value, Not Just Products!

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Customers appreciate value. If they can see the value in your product/service, the price would not be much of an issue. Truth is, people are willing to pay for anything provided it adds a significant value to them/their business. As entrepreneurs, know that technology leaves your customers with lots of options, including easy access to competitors and price information. Here are some tips to help you sell value over products:

  • Value your customers. Having great customer service is key. It is important to show your customers that they are important to you. That way, you get their attention and sell the full intent and offerings of your company.
  • Develop a personal rapport with your clients. Build a platform where you can develop a personal touch with your clients by getting to know their birthdays; get their feedback on what you do. If possible, send “thank you” notes to them; that way you could get loads of good customer testimonials which you can show future clients.
  • Build confidence. In selling your product to clients, you should have confidence in what you offer. Now, there are customers who are obsessed with finding the lowest price ever and this could be a headache. All you need do is highlight the value of your product values and show them why what you are offering is worth more than their suggested price. You can be confident without being rude or denting the image of the proposed client.
  • Shine the spotlight on your strengths. Once you have a client sitting in front of you, you have to give it all you’ve got so you don’t let the client slip away. In communicating with clients, highlight your company’s strengths and accomplishments. Help your clients build confidence in your company/product by telling them a little bit of your company history; this proves to them that you are consistent with what you do. Learn also to document past successes.
  • Accept feedback from customers. This helps you get a hold on what problem your clients have with your product and that helps you move to the next step, which is identifying how you can resolve those problems.
  • Showcase your successes. Having documented your past successes, you need to showcase them. Put them where your clients can see them. Frame them and put them on the walls in your office so that when clients walk in they can see your success story. Add them to your portfolio on social media so a wider range of people can see them. This builds up the confidence they have in you.

As an entrepreneur, know that adding value is a continuous, long-term effort that has a lasting effect on your clients/customers and your business. Clients/customers will always show loyalty once they know they will get valuable service from your organization.