Clinch Your Dream Job With These Interview Tips

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You got invited to an interview session for a role in your dream company. You have been able to scale through a series of tests, and you are very much excited about the progress made. This interview stage is the final hurdle  before an offer can be made to you.

Whilst the final interview is the last stage in the job applicant’s evaluation process, a person can pass all the job assessments, but fail at this most crucial stage.

In order to help you avoid missing out on your favourite job, we have put together the guidelines below to help you scale through the interview process before your desired job gets offered to you:

  • Get prepared. The saying goes that when you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail. Read widely about the position for which you are applying. Read about its roles and responsibilities. You cannot be applying for the position of a Customer Care Representative and know nothing about its duties and responsibilities.
  • Do a research/background study of the company. Before the interview, visit the website of the company and read about their goals, values and mission. Read about some of their top and renowned successes. It gives an impression that you are a serious candidate when you come to the interview with a background knowledge of the company. When you visit the website, notice the vocabulary that shows up often and familiarize yourself with their terms.
  • Practice common interview questions. It is very important to understand how to answer interview questions. You should ask yourself what my interviewer wants to hear. Finding an answer to this question will help you practice your answers beforehand. Make sure you come up with sincere and positive answers. Some common questions are:
  1. Can we meet you?
  2. What do you know about this company?
  3. Why are you a good fit for this role?
  • Prepare your credentials ahead of time. It is always of help to hold your CV along with you and of a better help to take extra copies of your CV. Look through your document for typographical errors so they can be corrected before time. Also, familiarize yourself with your CV because it calls for concern at the interview, if you can barely recall what is on CV. Read through it again.
  • Dress properly: pick out an outfit that looks formal and professional. It is preferable to go with neutral or dark colours. Bright colours may seem too playful in some settings. Get the clothes ironed too.
  • Avoid unnecessary mannerisms, slang, and clichés. Do not give your employer a wrong perception of you. Avoid clichés that could elicit the wrong impression from you interviewer(s). Just let them see a sincere version of you. One example is: “being the perfectionist that I am”. Also, beware of the use of slang. Speak in simple, clear, and correct vocabulary. You do not also want also to be seen as one who has “an air” around you. Avoid unnecessary tooth sucking, mouth biting, and learn not to use unnecessary mannerisms and words to fill up the silence.

Interviews can sometimes be the only chance of making a positive and memorable first impression. A very good first impression can help you sell yourself and secure your desired job. Plan for success and avoid mistakes that can blow your chances of moving closer to your next job.