7 Things Most Entrepreneurs Do Before 8am on Mondays

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An entrepreneur is one person who everyone thinks has got it all figured out. Your team members think that of you; your family and friends too. There’s this subtle pressure to make sure you meet expectations; to set goals at the beginning of each week and achieve them. You are constantly looking out for your team members, leading them, guiding them, motivating them and correcting them. Not to mention the demands of your home front too.

As an entrepreneur who looks to do great things in record time- at work and home, you definitely cannot afford to start the week casually. You’ve got to be deliberate. How you start your week is so important, it can affect the whole of the week negatively or positively. Your intellect, body and heart have to be wholly prepared for what’s coming in a business week- planned and unplanned. Here’s how many entrepreneur start their week, you could use a little tip too:

  1. They take a quick jog to get them started for the day: Jogging or exercising generally, has a way of stimulating our bodies into work mood after a long weekend. It’s a veritable method a lot of entrepreneurs use to get them started into the business week.
  2. They read an article to quickly stimulate their minds: There’s always something new to look out for in the business ecosystem. Successful entrepreneurs try to glean through business news, or insightful articles that could inspire their week ahead.
  3. They take a cup of warm beverage: Never underestimate the power of a cup of warm milk or beverage. It soothes the mind and body, you’ll never be able to tell until you try it out.
  4. They run their minds through the highs and lows of the previous week: They take stock of the previous week, look at what they did right and what could have been better done, this helps give an entrepreneur the opportunity of seeing a fresh perspective to doing the same thing.
  5. They try to mentally picture how they think the week should look: This works, I do it a lot! With your Imagination, you can already have a beautiful week, even when the week is not started yet. It helps give you a tough skin to any challenging issue that may present itself in the week ahead.
  6. They prepare little blue-print for the week: Some people call this a to-do-list, but I’d say a blueprint because it’s a little more detailed compared to a to-do-list. It is the physical representation of the mental picture you envisioned for the week.
  7. They try to meditate: I know for sure most entrepreneurs do this regardless of their religion. Christians call it prayer, same for Muslims too. Regardless of the religion, most entrepreneurs find some time just before the business week starts, for the God in their lives.

There you have it! Include some of these tips into what you are already doing and ensure it suits with you lifestyle, so you don’t have to struggle much with fitting it in. Here’s to an intentional you!