Why Motivating Your Team Members is Crucial to Your Business

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Every business often gets its direction first from its founder or its leadership. The vision of the business, its values and objectives are then passed down to its team or staff. Whether your business renders services or sells products, the same factors are in play in defining its niche.  These include:

  • The brand perception: the image the business ecosystem out there has of your business, as opposed to the image the business thinks it has. You cannot just assume it is same as your own perception of the business
  • The Quality of Services/Products being rendered: therefore, the business exists in the first place, right? – To meet a need in a particular way, within a particular timeframe, etc..
  • The People at The Helm of Affairs: Those who call the shots internally, those who can hire and fire, who make decisions that can lead it in the right direction, including your managers, and the human resource personnel.

All of these factors come into play in determining what your business is, and what it’s not. Your business is influenced by your team members. Therefore, you want to ensure that they are continuously in touch with the vision of your business and the organisation.

It is important to keep your team members excited about working on your team, as they are often:

  1. The first in contact with a potential client – most of the time
  2. Either putting out the right, or wrong, image of your business out there as they work; in terms of being creative, being professional and yet personable
  3. Are a determinant in the quality of deliverables being churned out, service rendered and how well they meet up with timelines for tasks carried out
  4. Idea generators, or can at least be. Good Ideas are good for business. An idea implemented at the right time and in the right manner can be a game-changer for your business.

It is the responsibility of each team lead, founder, and business owner to continuously search out ways to keep its team/staff motivated and excited about being a part of the firm. By so doing, they unconsciously bring the right attitude to work, in turn, your business enjoys more efficiency and creativity. And these, are a must have for the growth of any business.