6 Things to Do to Attract New Clients to Your Business

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You already have an existing client base. Now, you are looking to get some fresh audience to pay attention to your business and brand. This blog post is for you. Since the emphasis is on attracting new clients, here are 6 quick steps you can take:

  1. Create an Attractive Landing Page offering a free product or service: Create an attractive landing page offering your client a narrowed down free version of your bigger product or service. Ensure your landing page has a form that can collect e-mail addresses from visitors. Be ready to send out valuable content as newsletters. In your newsletter clearly explain how your free service/product can be accessed by your subscribed audience. You can get really nice free landing page designs at ucraft, and send newsletters using mailchimp .
  2. Extend the duration of the Offer but now with a paid version: Once your new audience is enjoying a freebie from your business which they know is valuable and of importance to them, cashing in becomes pretty easy. You need to offer a little bit more but this time around, for an attractive fee. This is usually irresistible, especially if your audience knows the worth of the freebie being enjoyed, which will most likely be irresistible. This way, it’s easy to make your new your client move from being just an audience to a client.
  3. Get well branded business cards: If you are yet to get business cards for yourself and team members, then you should think of doing that real quickly.  With your business cards, you are not stuck on how to sell your service/product to an old friend whom you bump into, a new acquaintance you just met, and that goes the same for your team members. And guess what, if your card is well designed, they will always take your card with them, and you never know whose hands it will end up in- maybe your next big client.
  4. Ensure Your Social Media Platform is telling a Story: If you have successfully executed the first three points, then you can expect that people will begin looking out for you on social media platforms and are interested in seeing your existing post. The question now is, what sort of posts are up on your platforms? Are they telling a compelling story about your brand? Prospective clients are able to tell the values, trustworthiness and creativity of a business, even from its social media post. It’s important to have interesting post that clearly promotes the value of your business.
  5. Attend Business Events Organized Within Your Local Community: From time to time, events such as seminars, cocktails, workshops will be organized in your community, be sure to be there or at least send a representative. Mingling and rubbing minds with other businesses, business owners, reps and managers around you is good for your business. You benefit a lot from it. For one, people get to know that your sort of business exists around them and they can patronize you. Also they can refer you to someone in their network, if satisfied with your service/product. Never underestimate the power of referrals. Don’t forget to take your business card or flyers along with you.
  6. Offer to Write a Guest Article on an Influential Blog: Bloggers are always willing to get in articles on their blog, from well-meaning people. You can approach a blog, offer to write an article in line with what your business does. You are better able to share your experiences with the already existing audience the blog has. Before you know it, some of its audience who are interested in knowing more about what you wrote would contact you and start following you. On the long run, they get to convert into clients by paying for your service or product.