Got a Meeting? Take a Walk

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We’ve talked about MBAs, why go for them and all. As a manager in that company, the owner of a start-up, the accountant in that multinational company, engineer in that oil company, etc., who desires an MBA for its benefits and all, there is a problem you, yes you have. What is that, you say? Sitting TOO MUCH! Think about it… Despite the fact that we all know that sitting too much is detrimental to our health, we still sit for way too long. Why not? What can you do when you have a conference meeting scheduled for tomorrow during which you have to sit for close to 2 – 3 hours? Or you were co-opted into a panel which holds extremely long meetings during which you dare not stand up till the end? What do you do?

Nilofer Merchant, in this 3 minute TedTalk, points out this sitting problem and explains how we often choose between taking care of our health and our obligations. She mentioned that she has decided to change her life by having walking meetings rather than boardroom meetings, as this is great for her health and also stimulates a different kind of thinking. This is because you are outside and in a different environment. She says, “…walk and talk. Walk the talk”.

Watch the video below and let us know in the comments section if this is possible in our country where we have so many 9-5 jobs and all the meetings are done in conference rooms and boardrooms. How can walk meetings be co-opted into our routines? Are they even realistic? Are they possible, given that one has to be in the office premises from the start of the day to the close of work? How can you as a CEO bring this idea into your company? How can you implement it? Can it be tried out in the New Year?

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