Grammar Tips (6): Basic English Grammar Rules

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In any language, there are basic rules which everyone should know so as to make sense to hearers and readers. These basic rules make it easy to understand and learn the language. English language is no exception.

Some basic English grammar rules include:

  • Only use capital letters for proper nouns and at tje beginning of a sentence.


That was fabulous.

I had to give the money to Gabriella.

  • For every sentence, there should be one noun and one verb. A sentence with more than one noun or verb is confusing and sometimes difficult to understand.


I am going to the market.

She sells sea shells at the sea shore.

  • When a sentence is complete, use appropriate punctuations.


What are you doing here?

We have come to the parting of the ways…

Give it back, right now!

I will see you soon.

  • If an apostrophe is needed, make sure to use it to show ownership.


That is Biliki’s bike.

What are you doign in Salvador’s house?

An apostrophe can also be used when words are abbreviated.


Thro’ which is the same as “Through”.

O’er which is the same as “over”.

Can’t which is the same as “Cannot”.

Shouldn’t which is the same as “should not”,

Don’t which is the same as “Do not”, etcetera.

  • Whenever writing multiple sentences about the same subjects or line of thoughts, use paragraphs to divide long segments of writing.
  • Should a line of thought require a list, make sure to separate each article with a comma.


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  • Make sure the subject adn verb are in agreement. If the subject is singular, the verb should be singular and if the subject is plural, the verb should be plural as well.


I am going to school.

Emeka just arrived home

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  • When connecting two lines of thought in a sentence, use a conjunction to make them more understandable.


We couldn’t go without you so we decided to wait for you.

Bode offered to become a financial partner in the business but Andy refused to accept him.

  • If you have two similar lines of thpught, combine them with a semicolon.


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  • Use correct tenses when writing or speaking English. Do not make the ears crawl with bad English


She “is” a girl and not she “are” a girl.

I do not “want” to be fat  and not  I do not “wanted” to be fat.

Try as much as possible not to end a sentence with a preposition. Prepositions are words used before a noun. They combine with nouns and pronouns to form phrases. E.g., “off”, “of”, “for”, “to”, “over”, “on”, etcetera.

Instead of

“They have taken over.”,


“They have taken over the building”, for example.

While the latter gives adequate information, the former does not and except the person being spoken to had background knowledge of what was being spoken about, he/she would have been lost in the bid to understand who has taken over and “where”.

  • A conjunction should not be used to start a sentence.


Because of you, I fell down the stairs.

Instead of that, use

I feel down the stairs because of you.

Because shows reason.

Conjuctions are meant to connect ideas together in a sentence nor begin them.

  • Sentences should be complete thoughts and not fragments


Next year, I am going to start my company.

It shouldn’t be “Next year. I am going to start my company.”

  • Use words correctly


I am goung for an “edition” instead of “audition”

She was doing business with “hymn”.

The right word is “him”. Take into account homophones and homo… so as not make such mistakes in speech and in writing.

  • Avoid repeating lines of thoughts in sentences.

Lastly make sure paragraphs are complete with 3 – 5 sentences each for clarity and easy understanding. The year is alsomst over. Start the new year with a great boost to your writing and speaking skills. Happy new year in advance.

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