6 Things Mentally Strong People Avoid

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YOLO — You Only Live Once. Life is a journey filled with twists and turns, ups and downs, joy and sorrow, happiness and discontent. No one is as strong as s/he believes. When life throws a curveball, we get to see and feel a lot of things which make or mar us, build us or break us, make us weaker or stronger physically, psychologically or otherwise.

A good entrepreneur and leader possess a lot of great characteristics including mental strength. Mentally strong people avoid:

  1. Feeling sorry for themselves

This is one thing they do not do and try as much as possible to avoid. There comes in life, times when things do not go as planned (happens all the time) or when you make mistakes, some so big, you don’t know what to do. What do you do then, sit down, moan and groan, feeling sorry for you? Mentally strong people do not care for that. Yes, they feel hurt and disappointed about losses and mistakes made, but they do not let these disappointments bring them down nor keep them from forging ahead. No, they do not. Instead of feeling sorry for themselves, htey dust themselves, pick up the pieces and move on, thinking up new strategies and making sure not to make those mistakes again.

  1. Wasting time and energy on things they cannot control

In life, love, war, business or company, relationships, etc, there are always things that happen that are beyond your control. If you work for a horrible boss, for example, there is nothing you can do to change him/her as he/she may have a character flaw which you cannot do anything about. All you can do is be wary, try as much as possible to do your best and give no course for complaints. If you choose to do the opposite and give yourself a headache trying to change him/her, you would realise that it is all a waste of time and energy. The current recession has made the cost of running businesses in the country expensive. A mentally strong person doesn’t allow this deter him neither does he waste his time …

  1. Worrying about pleasing others

One thing that kills a lot of people is being a “yes man”. In a bit to please others, some people shoot themselves in the foot, creating problems for themselves. They are so focused on what people think and say about them. “If I do not buy this my colleague’s aso ebi now, she would look at me like a stingy person.” Or “If I do not lend this guy money now, he would go and tell everyone that I’m rich but I couldn’t give him the money he asked for. I plan to plough it back into my business” Or “If I tell this lady, I cannot help her with her report this time, she would refuse to go out with me”, etc, Mentally people do not waste time thinking about all these, they have their reasons for doing things and understand why they cannot do certain things at different points in time. They do not worry about pleasing others or being seen as stingy because they probably have other nice dresses or find the aso ebi outrageously expensive or intend to plough money into their business etc. They stay on their lane, saying yes when they want to and no likewise.

  1. Being afraid of taking calculated risks

Mentally strong people understand that running a business is a risk, switching jobs is a risk, even life is full of risks. They aren’t afraid of branching out, trying new things or taking calculated risks, as they know and believe that things can only go two ways – north or south. The chances of success sometimes seem so small, yet they follow the trusty old “hunch” with the belief/hope that things go well. They keep their minds open. They would rather try out a method than later regret not trying it out and have to say “had I known”.

  1. Dwelling on the past

Mentally strong people do not live in the land of “Had I known” or “If only”. They stay in the present and look towards the future. They understand that no one goes through life without making mistakes in different aspects, thus they make them, allow themselves to fail, learn from them and move on, taking care not to repeat them.

  1. Resenting other people’s success

It is very strenuous to stay angry at somebody for being successful. There is absolutely no need nor sense in it. Why resent another perosn’s happiness or success? Mentally strong people understand that being happy for others when they achieve a measure of success keeps them happy as well.

Want to live a happy life, avoid these just like mentally strong people do.  Live your life, have a successful career and business and enjoy every moment of it.

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