How to Motivate and Inspire Your Team Members

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As a team leader or a CEO, you are the one who sets the pace for your employees or team members to follow. When the team succeeds, you succeed. So, it is your job to propel them towards winning and success. Find below some useful tips on how to motivate and inspire your team.

  • Create opportunities for growth and advancement: It is normal for the human nature to desire growth. So do not be surprised when your team members or employees become overwhelmed with daily routine. It has been discovered that employees who are high performers will only remain in jobs that challenge them. Do not hold your employees down. Ensure they grow financially, in their career, personally and otherwise.
  • Give/ offer incentives: Always treat your employees as your most important asset. Keep them happy and a very effective way to do that is by offering incentives. The following are examples of incentives that can be very helpful: cash, gifts (make sure it is something the employee can use), partly paid or fully paid trips. Then if you do not have money to afford such things a time off could be given.
  • Communicate with them: This act needs to be considered carefully by business owners/CEO’s. It takes effort and humility. Call for meetings and talk about what is not working and also give room for suggestions from your workers. Try as much as possible to respond to mails sent to you by your employees and when sending mails, sharpen your main message, make sure the message is clear, compliment good work and above all listen to them.
  • Do not treat them like trash: An example of a good CEO is that he or she do not find it difficult to hold on to good employees. Find ways to create the best and conducive work environment for your employees. Do not be harsh, do not make unnecessary rules and regulations, be patient with them even when they produce poor results, it creates room for them to do better. Be caring, give a pat on the back if they have done well and make the work fun for them.
  • Be available: As a CEO, when you are highly accessible, it creates room for transparency and makes the job/business thrive better. Being available and accessible also helps you understand the people you are working with better. You also close opportunity to improve your company or business when you are unavailable.
  • Welcome ideas and suggestions: Give room for suggestions and ideas to be made and when employees have made some suggestions, pick the ones that can work and follow through on them. This makes them feel happy and it indirectly sends a message saying that their ideas are welcomed. Also encourage their participation during the execution of the idea.

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