Tips on Enhancing Your Brand’s Visual Image on Social Media

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Social media is the in thing now. What with so many businesses moving to showcase their products and services online. A lot of people, especially the younger generation are online. If they aren’t on Facebook along with the older folks, they are on Twitter which is one of the social media platforms or Instagram. This has made it paramount to catch and retain clients via online media, in this case, social media.

Branding on social media is very important. This is because if for example, you as a  Photographer or car salesman, upload pictures of your work or cars on sale for the world to see, people would like them, and share on their pages if they are really good/great and thus spread them all the more for you. A potential client would see them and slide into your DM to chat you up about your service or product, so you see. Even banks are deploying the benefits of branding on social media as well, so why not do so for yourself?

In order to enhance your brand’s image on social media:

  • Make sure your social media profiles have cohesive brand imagery. Pick one Instagram filter and stick to it. E.g., If you decide to pick Juno, ensure you stick to Juno. This brings consistency, among other considerations, to your Instagram. This way you take into account not only the individual photo quality but your Instagram feed as a whole. If you are using a particular font, it is also best to stick to that font for uniformity and, of course, consistency.
  • Use branded theme images. This means incorporating your logo colours or brand fonts into your images and themes.
  • Add creative eye-catching symbols to your text or toss in some personality with fun emojis to metaphorically make your point. You’ll get the likes. Do not overuse though. For your social media profile, you can try out funky names which would make a lasting impression.
  • Add visual elements to your posts. To captivate the attention you’re looking for, you need to understand the expectations of your social community. They want visuals. Add a photo or video to every post, particularly on Facebook because of the new algorithm rules. Don’t have enough pictures? Look for great photography websites that cater to the modern expectations of consumers.

Also, make sure there is no disconnect in the design style between your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram (and all other social media) pages and your website. You want people/clients to continue to enjoy the experiences and also be drawn in right? You also want them to talk about and share your links, right? Then make it easy for them to decide to do so. Ensure you modernize your design, integrate clean lines, use images with high resolutions, include call-to-actions and provide light yet informative content.

Go turn your brand around on social media.

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