3 Insights You Should Never Ignore

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Great leaders, innovators, writers, skilled men and women didn’t just wake up to find themselves as great or successful. They went through something at one time or the other and the experiences are what made them what they were and are. We as humans know and hear a lot of things- you need to eat healthy, reducing the amount of junk food eaten will lead to a reduction in cholesterol level, sleeping more will lead to a sharper brain and mind, sitting for too long is bad and leads to health related issues, eat more fruits and vegetables, exercise is great for the health, etcetera. All well and good, but how many of us adhere to these and their likes strictly? How many of us believe that we can get away with these and still be great? We know what is best for us, but we tend to believe we can ignore some of them and continue with our daily lives. When nemesis catches up with us, we tend to want to sweep things under the carpet and continue living our lives.

Just as we can manoeuvre our way out of taking proper care of ourselves, after all, we still are still successful, we tend to think this applies to every aspect of our lives – children, family, work, teams, relationships, etc.

  1. Passion isn’t always everything

Great leaders and successful people will tell you that passion isn’t everything. It will take you only so far. Yes, there has to be passion, as that is what will keep you going when the going gets tough. But it isn’t everything. There has to be adequate skills and expertise. If you are passionate about drawing, can draw but not professional enough, success is ever so around the corner until you learn the correct and latest skills in order to be an architect or visual artist. Invest in yourself continuously. Leaders recognise this and would tell you never to ignore yourself. Rather keep growing and learning. As a team lead, encourage your team members to work on themselves so as to be better on the job and in their lives. Passion along with skills makes the work seem effortless and creates more success.

  1. Failure is essential for success

Whenever people talk about failure, most times, the first person that comes to mind is Thomas Edison, the inventor of the light bulb who kept on trying after each attempt, until the light bulb shone. The Wilbur brothers failed so many times while working on inventing the airplane, they crash landed so many times, but this didn’t deter them. They kept at it. This goes to show that in order to succeed, you will fail. There is no way out of it. Failure makes it possible to value and treasure the journey to success. It gives more meaning to your achievements. No one likes to fail but then where lies the value and thrill of something gotten easily? Never quit. If you stumble, get back on your feet. Dust yourself, each day is a new day to get back on track and move forward.

  1. Appreciation is important

We cannot stress employee motivation enough. The same way you want people to show appreciation for things you do for them, so do people need to feel appreciated for services rendered? A major reason people leave their jobs is due to the lack of appreciation in the workplace. You hear them say something like “nothing i ever do is right…”, ”she doesn’t appreciate my efforts”, “we do not receive any support from the company”, etc. A lot of employers do not understand the importance of a simple “well done”, “thank you”, “I’m grateful”. These words can go a long way. If you are a good boss, your employees will love you and put their hearts into their work even when the salary isn’t so good and you aren’t taking undue advantage of them. Appreciate your employees or team members and see things turn around for good in terms of productivity, turnover and general camaraderie in the office and business.

As a leader, team leader, entrepreneur, and employer of labour, do not ignore any of the above as that could spell doom for you and your company and your success. Happens all the time. What do you think? Do leave your comments below.

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