3 Unconventional Job Tips for Job Seekers

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There are so many job tips out there, some of which we have shared.

Have you heard of any unconventional tip which seemed laudable and close to ridiculous? Below are 3 of such and you will be surprised to find out that they actually work.

  1. Don’t apply for a job as soon as you find it.

If you check the numerous job sites we have in Nigeria, you will notice that jobs are always uploaded daily, new jobs in fact. Whenever you find one you like or decide that you want to apply to all the vacancies with the hopes of being called for tests and/or interviews, don’t apply immediately you see them, no matter how tempted you are. It isn’t easy to hold back after all you have been job hunting for a while now.

What you should do is research the company and the professionals that work there — check them out to see if it is a place you can work in and they are people who you can work with; look for someone you can reach out to in the company, letting them know you admire what they do and would love to their advice (on whatever it is you want to find out about)- you could go there or try LinkedIn or through a friend or family member. It won’t be easy to this, but then it isn’t unachievable.

  1. Don’t always follow your passion

You have heard and will always hear something along the lines of “love what you do and you will not have to work a day in your life”. While this is true, you will agree that there aren’t a lot of jobs out there which will match what it is you are looking for most times. So, if you find something you might like or which will put food on the table, why not?

Think about it. some or most people who love what they do now didn’t have interest or passion for it initially. They got started, fund their strengths and built their skills. Because eventually, skills usually trump passion- like Trump trumped Hillary (just kidding). Build up your skills.

  1. Create your position

Every company that has vacancies obviously have positions they want to fill. Study the industry or field you are looking to move into, and determine a company or two that you would like to work for; figure out their challenges, proffer solutions within you which might/can work; if you realize that this would require a new position, you can approach the company with a proposal or create your position. You tend to compete against fewer people who are doing the same thing when you do.

These are indeed unconventional, right? Ask some people, they would testify by these. Try them out and let us know how things go with you in the comments section.

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