How to Write a Cover Letter with No Experience

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Writing a cover letter can be really difficult, especially when one has little or no experience. What exactly do you want to write? What exactly will be catchy about it since cover letters are meant to be catchy? What do you want to say about yourself that will guarantee you’re getting the job? Especially since you just did holiday jobs for 3 weeks or a month max in between semesters or years in school, or didn’t even get the opportunity to do anything of such in a relevant company, etc. What do you do when your CV is as dry as a bony fish with nothing supposedly interesting enough to add to your cover letter?

Since this is no doubt an uneasy thing to do, you can write your cover letter in this way: per paragraph,

  1. Introduce yourself, what school you attended, what job you are applying for and how you came to apply.

This would help give a little background knowledge about you. That being said, it would also help a lot if you can include a name of someone with a personal connection, i.e. someone of good repute whom you know who works in the company. This would help them connect you to the person and allow them see you in a new light albeit dim.

  1. Connect the dots between you and the employer.

Check out the company online, go on LinkedIn, check Google, and find out what the company is about, their vision, mission, their mode of operations and everything about them, the job description and requirements etcetera. Then describe how your experiences meet the challenges presented in the job description.

  1. Describe your personal traits and how they make you a great candidate for the job.

Give short but specific examples of those skills. Do you know how to hack into computers, or develop software? Add it. You have done it for a while. Are you someone with a pleasant disposition? Add it. Are you a much organized person who arranged all the files in your college/university administrative office so well that it became very easy to locate documents and all, add it? Did you develop an efficient way to manage correspondence at church, your department of fraternity group? Add. Tell one- or two-line stories about yourself that show how your skills match the job and expand upon the job descriptions in your CV.

  1. Say when you’ll get in touch.

Lastly state when you will be in touch, say one or two weeks from the date you sent your letter. Remember to state that you are looking forward to receiving a reply. Also include your contact details- phone number, home address, email address at the bottom of the letter, in case the company wants to get in touch with you.

Send the letter as an attachment or include it in the body of your email. Proofread carefully and/or get someone you trust to check it for incorrect spelling, grammar and word use. You can also contact us at or or hook us up on social media via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram; we will surely be of service.

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