8 Secrets of Success

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In Nigeria today, more and more betting sites are being established, all because of the ongoing recession. More and more people are seeking ways to make money quickly. Even though the economy is gradually coming out of the recession, things are still pretty expensive and almost unaffordable for the simple man on the streets. The well-to-dos still get surprised to find things have increased by over 45% in a year. It is not surprising to see all these efforts being made to make money quickly and be more “successful”.

What does it mean to be successful though? If you were asked ”What leads to success?”, what would be your response? A lot of people have attempted to answer this question. You probably had an answer on the tip of your tongue but then decided to hold it in because, on second thought, you ask again, “What exactly leads to success?”
Richard St. John, a Marketer and Success Analyst found himself startled by this question when he was asked by a teenage passenger during a flight to a TED Conference some years back. He realised at the time that he didn’t have a good answer for it and thus conducted 500 interviews on the subject.

In this eye-opening and interesting 3 minute TEDTalk, Richard shares 8 important and powerful secrets of successful people using a PowerPoint presentation. You probably know some of them, “passion” inclusive, and are curious to find out what his findings were.

Watch the video below to find out more.

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