4 Reasons Your CV Might Get Rejected

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Has it been a while you sent your CV to any company? When was the last time you went through it or even updated it? Putting together you CV after a while might be a bit awful and you might be at your wits’ end trying to figure out what it is you need to include, what it is you need to remove. Then you realize “Wow, there is quite a lot I need to do to my CV! What do I do?”

Well first, you can take a look at some of the things/reasons which can make your CV get rejected, and correct them.

  1. Typos

We cannot over flog this. It doesn’t matter what document it is, if it is filled with typographical errors, even you wouldn’t go through without taking a mental note of all the errors. Typos should be avoided at all costs. it is difficult for someone to believe you have excellent attention to detail if your CV contains typos or omitted words, or other mistakes. Job seekers often send application materials that include typos if they fail to have someone look over their resume or cover letter before hitting “Send.” Get someone to go through your CV. Another pair pf eyes help a lot.

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  1. Bad formatting

The way your cv is arranged matters a lot as well. It should be arranged in such a way that it is easily read and understood. Make sure you send them in a PDF format except you are asked to send it in MSWord format. Nothing is more distracting and off-putting to a hiring manager than trying to read disjointed, cut-off job descriptions and dates in a poorly formatted CV. Keep your CV format simple.

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  1. Using meaningless words

There are so many words which you could use to describe yourself which have become cliché and meaningless to hiring managers. Words like “go-getter”, “excellent communicator”, “honest worker”, “hard worker” etc. they have been used so much that they are now meaningless. Hiring managers don’t want you to tell them what you are, they want you to show them.

  1. Including too much or unnecessary information

While you want to provide all the information about yourself so as to prove/show that you have all the experience needed for the job, you need to be careful so you don’t include unnecessary information which is of no use to the hiring manager. S/he wants to see/know how you will fit into the organization. Listing all the positions you have ever held, relevant and irrelevant will hurt your chances of getting the job. If you will list all, look for a way to draw connections between them, if there are no connections, leave them of your CV. Else, you will be thought of as a lazy person who sends the same generic CV to all the jobs you apply for.

These can cause even the most impressive CV tossed into the waste bin. Look into your cv and take note. Do you need help with your CV and/ or cover letter? Do you have so much on your hands that you don’t have time to go through your cv? Why not send us a mail at orders@tweakmycontent.com and we will do justice to it for you.