5 Habits You Need to Stop In Order To Succeed

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In your workplace, you are probably enjoying the work, your colleagues, the ambience and general environment. You are doing well, your performance reviews have been excellent, your manger, supervisor and clients are happy, you are actually doing your best and even putting that “extra” which is making you lived by all. Despite al these, you have to still be careful. The little things matter a lot — watch what you say and what you do. These will go a long way in ensuring you succeed and remain a success at the office.

Here are 5 habits you need to stop in order to succeed at work:

  1. Being rigid in your ways

Don’t be rigid in your ways. Evolve with the times. Don’t be resistant to change. Just as technology is evolving and new ways of doing things are popping up every day, move with it. Be flexible enough, be open to new ideas, systems, and technologies that would make your work faster, better, and more competitive. Being closed to change can be translated into laziness and outdatedness.

  1. Gossiping about fellow workers

Gossip, that little goblin found in every office. Wherever there is a gathering of people in the office, there is always one form of gossip or the other. Resist the temptation to partake in office gossip. Whatever that cannot be said about a person in front of the person shouldn’t be said about that person behind him/her. Don’t insult anyone.

  1. Not speaking up during meetings

While it is true that you shouldn’t overstep your boundaries or speak out of turn, it doesn’t mean that during meetings one shouldn’t be silent all through. Some people are shy to speak up in meetings or to contribute. The bigger the meeting, or the more people there are, the more intimidating it can be.

This is something you will have to work to get over. Not contributing when you are expected to can make it appear you have nothing worthwhile to add, that you are shy, or that you aren’t paying attention. You never can tell the ideas or thoughts you share at the table might be just what is needed by your team.

  1. Refusing to do something at the office because “it is not in my job description”

While it is annoying to be told to do something completely out of your job description, it could be a test. If your manager tells you to do something outside your daily duties, do it enthusiastically. Chances are he knows it is not part of your work. Don’t give off any sort of attitude. Nobody enjoys working with someone who has a poor attitude. If you cannot do it at that time, say so and explain why properly. If you see that you can, do it well. Look at it as a chance to prove your value to the organization, and more important, as a learning opportunity.

  1. Replying “Thank you” with “No problem” or “Don’t mention”

While it has become a common to reply “thank you” with “it was no problem” or “no problem” or “don’t mention” at work, it is wrong to do so. This seems like a minor thing that should be overlooked but it normally implies that that person was imposing on you at that moment when you did something for him or her. And most people do not want to impose or even feel like they are imposing.

Saying “it’s my pleasure” or you are welcome” is better as it shows that you did the job happily and that you accept the thanks. Little as this may be, it is A LOT.

Stop these and you are well on your way to being more of a success at work.

Are there any other habits you would want to add? Do share in the comments section.