How to Enjoy Doing Your Work Even When You Don’t Feel Like It

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It is another Monday morning, you mentally get tired at the thought of the long week ahead. The traffic to work alone does your head in and remembering that bossy supervisor has you wondering why you still work there in the first place. If only you could get paid for not working. Why does Friday seem so far off?!!

Do you feel this way sometimes, if not most times? You’re not alone. Everyone would be their own boss if they could, but alas, that’s not the way the world is. Life’s to be enjoyed (we only have one life to live anyway), and life includes work too. There are two sides to everything, otherwise there won’t be balance in the universe. There’s a time for work and a time to relax and enjoy the fine things of life.

Your job shouldn’t be a burden to you. No matter what you do for a living, when you enjoy your work, you’ll have fun carrying out the tasks that come with it. Apart from that, you will bring good energy and inspiration to family, friends, and colleagues.
Have you ever heard some people say they love their jobs? Don’t you envy, just a little, these people and the fact that they look forward to it each day? If you look at them, you would see that truly they do love their jobs and it is treating them well. For them, work isn’t a drag – it’s fun! Why? Because they decided it’s going to be that way. Before you can enjoy your job, you have to figure out what “enjoyment” means to you. Doing that will not only help you enjoy your job, but it will help you more fully enjoy life in general. Learning how to enjoy your job will not be an easy task, but it is not unachievable. it will take some time but the effort will be rewarding.

Here are a few ways/steps to help you along this journey to enjoying your job:

i. Examine yourself
To enjoy your job and your life, you need to examine yourself. Ask yourself, “What makes me happy? What do I enjoy doing and why?” These questions might seem easy to answer, but there are some of you reading this post who don’t know what makes you happy, nor what you enjoy doing? This might seem weird but it is the truth. You have worked so long and hard that you have forgotten these things. These could be in form of hobbies, or favourite pastimes, or social related, a simple thing like having a nice cup of coffee in the morning etc.… Make a list of these things and remember to include why.
Now ask yourself, “What are the things I don’t like nor enjoy doing?” I would only do it if I were forced. Why don’t you like them? Make a list of them.

Then, think about what motivates you. What drives you? What is the reason for the things you do as a person? Is it power? Is accomplishment? Success? Fame? Whatever it is/they are, make a comprehensive list of it. Not an easy task, but not unachievable.

ii. Examine your job

Ask yourself, “What are the things I like about my job?” You might want to say, nothing! Hold up! Pause and think, there are things about it that you don’t completely hate. There are things you actually like about your job. Pick a time in which you are in a relaxed mood, sit down, think about this and then make a comprehensive list of what you like about your job and why- it could be the fact that you have awesome team members who constantly make your coming to work worthwhile etc.
After this, think about these things that make you moan and groan about your work. What are those things? Why do you not like these aspects of your job? Make a list of them.

iii. After making these lists, combine them together
Match the likes and dislikes in (i) and (ii) together. You will notice that there are some things which will fall in place while there will be slight contradictions. Some things you don’t like as a person but do like in your job. It happens. Compare them, take note and then think on them.

iv. Take action
You have made the lists, compared them, seen the similarities and differences, and are currently pondering on it. Now is the time to act. Remember the goal you’ve set is to enjoy your job. To do this, you have to be determined to make a positive psychological change. Do not assume that just because you’ve done the pre-work and made all these lists, things will automatically change for you. This will require a constant examination on your part of your attitudes and behaviours. So make a commitment to doing some work to change things.
Focus on the positive matches. Look for the things about your job that match the things you listed as making you happy and focus on those.

Look for job-related motivation. There must be something about your job that matches your motivation list. Find those things. This is one of the things your supervisor should also know. Try to have a conversation with your boss about the things that stimulate you and see how you can get more of those assignments. Don’t assume it will happen all at once; your current assignments are there for a reason and it will take time to adjust the workload, but most managers want their people to be productive and happy – that reduces turnover and makes them look better because the team performs better.

Apart from all these, you need to eliminate bad thoughts. Thoughts along the lines of “I hate my job”. Instead think good thoughts, happy thoughts. Even when it seems like there are no happy thoughts, rustle something up. Speak reassuring words to yourself, words of affirmations. One cannot stress the power of affirmations enough.

All these being said and done, look for results. Your efforts will definitely yield results. Look for them. They won’t be immediate but the will come eventually. Take each day at a time and enjoy it. Every second of the day won’t always be enjoyable but you can enjoy the whole day. Just stay positive, optimistic yet realistic.

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