TMC Weekly: Consistency is Key

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September is just around the corner!!! In a few days, we’ll be three months away from December.

Did you set goals for yourself at the beginning of the year? If you did, how many have you achieved or on track towards achieving?

It’s pretty easy to set goals. The challenge lies in being disciplined enough to execute them ― consistently. You probably realise that consistency is important for making progress, doing better work, getting in shape, and achieving some level of success in most areas of life.

But, be careful. Being consistent and being perfect are two different things. For someone looking to become a successful writer, artist or athlete, you can quickly brainwash yourself into thinking that those who have achieved the level of success you aspire to wrote or sang or practised every single day without fail. That’s a problem because there is no safety margin for errors, mistakes and emergencies. Missing a single day doesn’t have an impact on your long-term success. The idea is to maintain an average speed, not maximum speed.

As long as you’re regularly and steadily working on your plans, you will surely achieve them.

Be consistent in all you do, whether it is in learning something new, picking up good habits, or discarding old ones.

Make a conscious choice to be consistent going forward.

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