TMC Weekly: The Art of Essay Writing

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Essays are short pieces of writing on a particular subject.

Essay writing has been in practice for a very long time. The earliest essayists included Robert Burton, Sir Thomas Browne and Michel de Montaigne who created their works in the 16th century.

There are various kinds of essays. But we’ll be focusing on college or university essay writing.

Writing an attractive essay isn’t an easy task. It involves a lot of careful thinking about the beginning, middle and end.

Here are some tips to good essay writing:

Enough reading and research has to be done beforehand to enable you think and make a plan about the structure of the essay itself. It helps if this reading is directly linked to the topic of the essay, rather than whatever books you happen to have lying around.

Jot down all your interesting thoughts somewhere as you research and then, later, put them into a logical order, adding any further thoughts that occur to you.

Make sure your essay, when you begin writing it, has an introduction, body and conclusion and each should flow seamlessly into the other.

Avoid surprises in your conclusion. The exception are those that further back up your earlier points. By the end, the reader should be more than convinced to submit by the power of your case.

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