Little Changes You Can Make to Improve Your Life

In Personal Growth by jtopz

We all want to live a life filled with love, fun, joy and other good things. How can we do this? We can by getting rid of negativity and bad vibes.

1. Don’t assume people have bad intentions
Yes, we live in a world where bad things happen, but this doesn’t mean you should go around with the notion that everyone has bad intentions. You will be giving yourself a headache. Now think, what if everyone you meet thinks, you are a bad person. Wouldn’t that be depressing? Learn to give everyone the benefit of a doubt. Try to see the good in people, it brings out the good in them.

2. Use positive words
Negativity sucks the life out of you. Talking dirty does the same too. Speak positive words to yourself and people. Instead of “I can’t”, say “I can”, rather than say “it’s impossible”, “it is possible”, etc. Condition your mind to be and stay positive.

3. Use “I will” rather than “I’ll try”
Do read up the little post on “I will” vs “I’ll try”, choose the positive attitude”. You will be amazed at the improvement you’ll see in your life, plus all that you would achieve.

4. Stop hating
Don’t waste your time and energy on hate. It is just not worth it. It is a strong emotion that will drain you emotionally and health-wise. If you were hurt, swindled, learn, forgive and forget. It’s no use letting hate eat you up.

5. Laugh at yourself
Do you take life and yourself too seriously? Please don’t. Life should be enjoyed. Laugh at yourself when you find yourself doing silly things or make some mistakes. Tale corrections and move on, but do laugh if there is the need for it. It makes you happier, releases your mind and makes you attractive to people.

6. Write your goals every day
Writing them down everyday refreshes your mind and gives your plans more power.

7. Stop being a workaholic
Work hard and smart, but never make the mistake of thinking you accomplish more than the less workaholic person. You get unnecessary stress and this would affect your productivity. Work 40 hours or less a week, if possible.

8. Stop complaining about time
Everyone has the 24 hours in a day. How it’s spent depends solely on you. Use yours wisely.

9. End each day with thanksgiving in your heart
Think, smile and write down wonderful things that happened to you during the day before going to bed.