5 Things you can rightfully Claim on Your CV

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CV writing is a delicate issue. While it may not seem like it is, it actually is. It is the first contact you have/ make with a potential employer. It is the first he sees before he sees you and you want to make sure that whatever he sees make a great first impression. You want to make sure that whatever he sees portrays you and everything you are and can bring to the job. You want whatever he sees to show and help him decide that you are the man or woman for the job.

That being said, whatever it is you put in the CV has to be the truth and all that you are and the embodiments of your achievements no matter how small and supposedly irrelevant.

Please note: when including “everything”, remember that your CV is meant to be tailored to suit specific roles/jobs. You are not to EVER send a generic CV. Potential employers can spot this a mile off and would quickly toss in the trash.

Since your CV is meant to sell you, why do you sometimes sabotage this effort? Do you know that many people, including you, sometimes under-promote their selves in their CVs? How you ask? By not including those seemingly irrelevant achievements you made or things that make you a better person in general and for the job. Why? Because they are afraid to claim them! Why would you hesitate to claim your professional accomplishments? Why would you rather overlook that minute detail?

Here are 5 things you can rightfully claim on your CV:

  1. Any project you were a part of.

Did you take part in any project? Either as a full active member or not, as long as you contributed to the project, then you can also take credit for it. Do mention that on your CV. Even if you didn’t have the full backing of your supervisor or manager at the time, you can include it as lonmg as you participated in it.

  1. Any work you performed on a volunteer basis

If you have volunteered anywhere, do include this. While some of the volunteer work might not seem relevant to the job, sometimes they show that you aren’t one to stay idle or wait for opportunities to come your way. You keep yourself busy and are willing to learn.

  1. Any work you performed as a favour to a colleague

If there are good work/jobs you did as a favour to a colleague while on the job or outside the job, which are relevant to the present job you are applying for, feel free to add them. They might even be totally out of the sphere of your job responsibilities at the time,  but then who says you cannot put it out there and who says you cannot get that job solely because of that supposed “little” job you did that time?

  1. Accomplishments which were not part of your job description

Please do include these as they are your achievements regardless of whether or not they came during the course of carrying out your job responsibilities.

  1. Wins that didn’t show success while you were at the company but bore fruit later.

On your CV, you can claim any success achieved after you left the company, especially those you projects you started or participated in and contributed to. You probably laid the major groundwork for certain companies to partner with your previous company or brought in a client who later decided to keep patronizing the company or laid the groundwork for the use of a particular platform which the company is using right now and has come to see as the best thing that ever happened to it, include in your CV.

Go ahead and them to your CV and increase your chances of getting callbacks. Need help with your CV, do not hesitate to give us a call or send a mail to orders@tweakmycontent.com. We’ve got you covered.